Focused Intrinsic Training by Ruth Riley

About Ruth Riley & F.I.T.

Ruth Riley - personal trainer at Focused Intrinsic Training

Hi, I’m personal trainer Ruth Riley. I’ve always loved being active. I grew up dancing and playing sports. I even started strength training at 13 years old! I always knew that I wanted to help people so, as an adult, I spent several early years working in healthcare. But I didn’t feel like I was helping people the way I wanted to, so I found an opportunity to manage a fitness center instead.

I worked at that gym for seven years. I loved the environment, the energy of being around people who were excited to be in motion, actively pursuing their health and personal happiness. My gym catered to clients of all levels, from those who were just beginning their journey to personal fitness, to serious gym addicts that reveled in the feeling of a fine-tuned, healthy body.

During that time, I decided I wanted to start my own business, to narrow my focus directly on individual clients, to help them achieve their fitness goals and live healthier lives. So I started F.I.T. in June of 2015.

F.I.T. is focused intrinsic training. “Intrinsic” means to come from within. I want my clients to be motivated from within. It is my job to educate, encourage, and inspire you to help make that happen!

What sets F.I.T. apart from other fitness options?

F.I.T. training is offered out of two facilities in Shiloh, IL. One is Premiere Training, a semi-private, standalone facility focused entirely on personal training. This means no big gym atmosphere, and no competing for space with other gym-goers just going about their daily routines. The other is Anytime Fitness, a modest-sized 24-hour gym with a casual vibe and clientele from a wide range of ages and fitness levels.

I understand that time, distance, and travel can be an issue for busy professionals. So I also offer online-only Customized Programs, tailored to fit your situation and goals. With regular progress check-ins and a custom workout program, you can follow these personalized plans anywhere – at home or in your favorite gym.

I provide a friendly, non-intimidating style of training. My clients tell me I make them feel comfortable and welcome. And I customize your fitness plan around your specific goals – not the latest trends or fitness fads, but what you need to be happy and healthy. I want the gym to be a place you are excited to come to, so you can create lifelong motivation and good healthy habits.

My focus is permanent change, not short term goals. Together we will improve your balance, strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular health. And have fun doing it!

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